It’s 7pm. The lights are out and I have no urge to fall asleep. Although Neither will my mind allow it. 

A storm is arriving outside in the real world. Its alarming presence is becoming daunting, fooling all those in existence into an ecstasy by the scent of petrichor. 

I’ve waited for this. FInally, a single  night that would shudder out the existence of the storm within that has left me sleepless. 

The clouds expel a horrific applause welcoming the world to the show that shall unfold. 

“Allow me to entertain you” expels from the lips of mother nature as the night sky trades blows with silent white streaks which illuminate the sky

The sight is breathtaking. The darkness of the night in hand to hand combat with a more daunting opponent draped in white faking peace. Yet terrorising many who hear the extravagant whip crack before the strike. 

The busy streets begin to turn to silence. Tires racing through the tarmac become a rarity. The inhabitants of the world has given the darkness of the night and the overwhelming storm, the respect it demands.

Rain pelts the surface of the earth as if they were droplets of blood, seeping from the wounds caused during this battle. The storm is slowing, the show is almost at a close. 

Who won the battle? I ponder. The darkness remains. The storm has subsided. Darkness has prevailed over the more daunting evil. 
My heart beat slows, My soul feels peace. It’s as if the Universe is declaring that the storm within that I face is temporary. My demons and I no longer fight, we’re on the same side now.I am the darkness, yet the lesser evil. And this too shall pass. 

Come Closer 

Your skin is alive. It let’s you think you know my every move.

I can see you laying there patiently, vulnerable and most importantly… 

All mine. 

Your eyes see nothing but darkness. you know only of what the curves that line your body are telling you and what your mind is anticipating.

I haven’t moved an inch and yet you’ve already squirmed and bit your lip. I can’t help to let my mind drift in thought. Wishing I could be trapped in abyss that is your mind for a day. To let you unleash every inch of passion you hide from your own eyes apon me.

I still haven’t moved. 

‘Come closer’ she beckons. Laying there, indulging in the wickedness of her mind 

A step closer. She’s sensed it. Her breath deepend and I can hear her heart beat. She’s aching. She wants to be touched. She needs it. Oh and she will have it. 

The touch of a single finger starting from her succulent lips, down her already drenched neck line and down to her chest. 

I latch on, grab and pull towards me so that’s she scared of what might happen next but intrigued enough to follow my lead. 

My lips pressed to her neck. The pores of her skin flowing with an elixir that intoxicates my soul. The very essence of her. The very sign that she likes where this is going. 

She groans and lashes at my back as my teeth gnaw at her caramel silk skin. My mark has been left. She will have her trophy to wear for the future to come. but this battle has just begun. 

Her carved legs wrapped around me. embracing what’s hers. No… Taking what’s hers. Her dominant Nature begins to spring. I don’t intend to let it. this is my Orchestra she will be my tune. 

She shallows her pride and gives into submission. She can feel my wrath growing between her. She shallows once more biting her lip in anticipation. As the once uncharted begins mapping it’s surroundings.  

The sweat that lines her body wouldn’t be the only elixir that shall be my weakness after tonight. She lays gracefully awaiting the courtesy. Her legs tighten as I stalk her prey. Oh how I loved to believe that I would be the predator in this feature. 

Sweetly gently and ever so subtely. She finds the courage to speak ” Fuck…” That’s as far as her breath let her go. I made sure of it. 

Leaning back, I stare at the painting infront of me. Utterly and undoubtedly a masterpiece. To appreciate every inch of your body I would walk the the Sun barefoot… And Survive. 

Our lips meet once more as I lay on forbidden ground. You feel my entrance and greet it with a roar, your nails scaring my back once more. Every movement so in sync. You match my very being. My every thought. You match me. 

The lust and longing I have for you wishes to hear you Moan… The love and. devotion I have for you wishes that’s it’s my name that falls from your lips. But the witcher within me. Well he would rather not let you have the chance at all.

I dive deeper. Your breath exhilarates me further. ” FUCK”. Your vulgarity  shows your obedience. Shows you know your place. And so with our climax ahead of us, I’d whisper “This is where you belong” softly and ever so gently into your ear with any breath I have left. 

The Truth you’ve disguised 

The memories that you’ve left behind have breadcrumbs scattered inbetween 

Little clues and hints that make me wonder what the fuck this all means 

You’re gone again, out of my life, the fault you say is that there’s a line 

But what you’ve failed to see at every opportunity is that these impulses were never only mine 

The claims you’ve made are valid and true, my intentions were to you 

Close your eyes and ask yourself if thats a fucking bad thing or if it ever wasn’t true 

The answer you’ll find is in front of your eyes you only need to see 

That this world is much more of a terrible place, without there being a you and me 

You wanted a friend but not a man, someone you can forget 

I’m sorry sweetheart but, the truth is the storm you’re creating will only land you in debt 

I chose you then, I’d choose you now and if you ever come back again 

Even if it means I have to learn the meaning of just friends… 

The choices you’ve made you’ve made alone and kept them to yourself 

I clawed my way through the time to get an answer for myself 

Only to find that at some point in time, something had changed your view

So sleep My Enchantress do your thing, I’ll see you one day soon 

But don’t be surprised when you turn and  find the making of a monsoon.

The worst thing you could have done was make me believe that love doesn’t exist anymore 

When all I’ve done is show you that it’s you and only you I’ve adored. 

My Actions are false? My words untrue?  I’m not here just for show 

If I really was the man you paint me to be, I’d have left many months ago. 

I’ve asked not to leave, you’ve told me not to stay, cruel as it maybe 

I still find an understanding to aline with you, after all we’re all just human beings. 

A Table For Two

Bewildered, Astonished, Staggered and Dumbfounded.

I never thought that I would see your smile again,

but here you are turning the mountain on its peak

asking me for a day for us to just be. A date.

The emotions I felt no Pundit could have predicted

No Philosopher could have explained

and no Psychologist could understand

even I to this day can not find the words to describe

how I truly struggled to breathe the day you uttered my name again

You amaze me at every turning point, dear Enchantress.

you seem to love this chase and back and forth more than I do

Are you thriving on the energy that lives between us?

does it pain your soul the way mine does?

have you ever stared at that keepsake you once wore around your neck

and Bind your heart knowing that regardless how many times you leave

that I’d love you the same upon your return?

I wonder… let’s see what new horizons we shall set today.

Off we went, deep into each others darkness yet again.

sitting there only by candle light.

A tale that shall never be spoken of had begun.

A table for two. Just me and You.

Before we knew it time had passed

our lips craving what we dare not touch.

for the mysteries that lay beneath this deep sea would be to much for either to handle

We gave in… and indulged in the thought.

the moment our lips touched, a faint whisper sprung upon us both.

“Welcome home.”

The day was done and so was our day. A heartfelt goodbye and that’s all there was

knowing full well that tomorrow will come

And that I will never meet you again.

The Enchantress

Here we stand, torn by what the world has made of us

both with our tales to tell and scars that will remain

forever relentlessly reminding us of where we have been.

Our stories begun to intertwine with a faint whisper which echoed:

‘ What damage shall we inflict upon each other?’

You smiled at that. I know your mind.

Your addiction to the pain that the world has bestowed upon you

is unparallel to anything ever amounted by Science.

What we had yet to discover, was how addicted you would become

to destroying what was left of me. How I loved every second of it.

You cease to amaze me with your ability to show everyone

the exquisite nature that is your Love. Except me… Why?

Day by day this ruse went on as I fell deeper into

the familiarity of the absence of loneliness.

What is this thing that you do? Where you show me how beautifully your soul

can dance to the tunes of my demons?

Settling them with just the thought of your name.

Only to recreate the monsters you once chased out of me.

I guess you truly did want me to yourself. You wanted the pain that I felt

to belong to you. Only You.

C’est La Guerre

Staring at this blank page in front of me is rather intimidating. Firstly because this post will sort of set the tone for everything else that shall follow in the near future. Slightly more dauntingly,  there is so much that i could possibly fill this page with. That’s fucking scary. Being young (23) and having so much to say and so many stories that have plagued, guided and mutilated my life is astonishing to say the least.

For as far into the future as i can see, this blog will be centred around love. The pain and the pleasure that sits behind the beauty of your everyday love story. Poetry, rants, complaints or just about anything that claws its way into my mind when this blank page stares at me.

I hope this will make for some interesting reading